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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Blogging on Trees for Powerscourt

These past few weeks were particularly busy not least because it's Spring and gardens need weeding and plants need planting, but I wrote my first ever blog post for Powerscourt Estate - yeah I know, I'm still grinning!!
One of my favourite natives is our spindle Euonymus europaeus
As the Tree Council of Ireland selected Powerscourt Estate as the venue for the launch of National Tree Week it seemed fitting that my first post be about trees.  Best Trees for your Garden was a challenge and took a little longer to write than I had anticipated but was such fun.  Once the article went live and photos added, it took on a life of it's own.  Click the link should you want to read the blog....

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Let the Academic Year Begin!

Another batch of horticultural students will attend 'LGD' as it's known in Killester College of Further Education, from Monday 9th next.  No doubt each student attending will have lots of questions about college life and their new subjects.

Juggling with new modules, timetables and lots of paper these past few weeks, I had almost forgotten about the novice gardener that will sit in my classroom for the first time.  Between now and May 2014, ten modules will be covered by the full time students, while the part time group (one day a week) will cover four modules.  That's the hope anyway!

Classes for all full time groups kick off Monday 9th September 9am and up first for LGD is Communications, a mandatory module which alas I don't teach.  At 10am I take the class for the first of many, with my preferred subject Plant Identification & Use (you would have probably guessed that if you follow me on Twitter @Plantmad

Students too love this module and I can't wait to hear all their questions and there will be many, not least.... What is a hedge?  Therefore in advance of class here is a text book answer which we will pick through in the Plant ID class (assuming my upcoming students are even reading this).

A stretch of newly laid traditional hedging
"A hedge usually consists of a row of shrubs or trees planted along the line of a
man-made earth or stone bank. A ditch from which the bank material was
excavated runs parallel to the hedge. Hedges are used to mark boundaries and
to contain stock; they provide shelter from wind and facilitate drainage, and
need continuous management in order to remain effective."

A reach flail mower used for cutting hedges
This 'definition' will be debated, tweaked, discussed and understood in far greater detail by the end of the year.  By the way for those of you still trying to decipher LGD oh it's just clicked has it? - Landscape Garden Design of course.

Let the academic year begin for the 2013 horticultural course! 


Thursday, 1 September 2011

What's On: Irish Dahlia Society Annual Show

Dahlia [taken at Chicago Botanic Gardens by Sandeep Pawar]
The Irish Dahlia Society will hold their annual show at The Centre on 10th and 11th of September.

Saturday 10th from 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM &
Sunday 11th from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

Doors Open: 3:00pm
Commences At: 3:00pm
Admission: FREE

The presentation of prizes will take place at 4:00 PM on Sunday and an auction of flowers will take place immediately afterwards.

A raffle will be held during the show and the prize draw will take place on Sunday at 3:30 PM.

For more information, please contact Christopher White on 086-2850561